Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Powershot S5 over the Holidays

I've been rambilng on and on about the features of the Canon Powershot s5, but are all these features useful? Yes they are! Over the holidays, i utilized some of the nifty camera features to my delight.

One particular case of feature exploitation was when i was recording video of my two girls dancing around xmas morning with their new matching umbrellas. I thought wow this is a perfect shot, and bang I snapped off a picture without having to switch modes and stop shooting video. The Photo in Video feature is useful! And that picture was a great one.

I also discovered that the S5 12x zoom is great for someone lazy. My mom and daughter were walking around looking at holiday decorations at a neightboor's house and lazy me didn't even have to walk over to them to get a closer shot. Thanks S5IS! i also made good use of the zoom while shooting video as well, something not many digital cameras in this price range have.

Another neat feature of the s5 is night scene which is pretty cool when you're out looking at christmas lights.

One disadvantage of my Powershot S5 i'm discovering more and more is the poor battery life, especially when I shoot video. Shooting video with the S5 suck the life out of the AA batteries super quickly. I really am beginning to wish the Powershot s5 IS came with a better digital camera battery. I still haven't gotten around to buying a rechargable set of AA batteries.

I'll try to post a few pictures soon, until then check out the Canon S5 at a camera store near you!