Saturday, March 8, 2008

Canon S5IS Sports Mode

The Canon Powershot S5 IS has what I'm sure was intended to be a cool feature to take action shots: sports mode. Well it's really not that great. You would think sports mode would take a clear focused shot of someone jumping or running or whatever. Well it doesn't, but there it a viable alternative to get great action shots with your Powershot s5 IS.

Program mode in the default setting I found works better to get clear, non blurry action shots with the S5IS. You can also try playing with the ISO settings to improve your pictures. ISO settings can improve pictures in low light situations. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the image sensor, so the lower the light the higher the ISO should be. I got some nice of my daughters jumping off the couch with this setting. Pretty neat to see the hair flying all over the place.

Maybe I'm missing the point and sports mode with the Canon S5 IS is intented take action shots with a lot of streaks and blurring, but I prefer the clear shots that program mode gives me. Try it.